Chrisgiving Eve Gala 2018

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Thanks for coming!

Our second annual Chrisgiving Eve Gala was outstanding. The energy high, the crowd just right, and the people warm with seasonal spirits. Much thanks to our event coordinator Jess Ayers facilitating the details to create our special event, to the musicians Jenuine Cello, Jonathan Dotson and special guest Art Mendoza; our creative chefs Chuck Malloy, Ken Zoric, Arthur Wright, Casey Hummer, Randy Corteza, Sher Katz, Ruth Lupold and others. Special thanks to our family of volunteers.

Check out a short video recap of our Chrisgiving Eve Gala with excerpts of the music, poetry and festivities courtesy of Accomplice Entertainment.

Plants are the basis of our life on South Padre Island.


Plants protect our beaches from storm damage, our coastlines from erosion, and our water from pollution. They provide essential habitat for birds, fish and wildlife that draw visitors and preserve the uniqueness of coastal region. These visitors are an economic lifeline for our island—they rent our condos and beach homes, stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores, and support our economy. We’re connected to plants through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and medicines they provide.

But what do we do to protect plant ecosystems we depend on?


We protect plants.

The Native Plant Center was established to provide a local source of native plants and preserve coastal plant ecosystems. In our shade cloth nursery we grow plants to support butterflies and bees, fish in our waters and birds in our trees, to stabilize our coastlines, beaches and dunes, and to strengthen our ability to rebound from catastrophic coastal monsoons. With your support, we will add an ecotourism venue and botanical garden bringing new visitors to the island. The Native Plant Center is an advocate for sustainable plant management and care—a voice that was previously missing on the island—and we need your support to continue our vital work.

We Have Plants For Sale!

open Hours

Monday-Friday: 10-5

Saturday: 10-2

Sunday: Closed

Upcoming Closings: Christmas through January 31


This is an abbreviated list (more coming soon). Come visit us to find even more plants!

NPC Live!

Development Plan

Help complete our development by sponsoring a garden or exhibit from the Vision Board.

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Take Action

Help us preserve plant life on South Padre Island. We are introducing proper pruning guidelines to prevent the loss of palms, a signature plant for South Padre Island and our region. We have advanced new policies to prevent mature plant loss and saved over seventy plants ourselves. But, we need your help to do more. There are so many ways to get involved.

Special Report: silence of the palms

a story of slow death and a plead for life

Video Recaps

Our Partners

Join the Journey

(956) 433-5315

Sponsors Needed

We have completed our initial build-out thanks to our Founding Sponsors Cameron County CIAP, Ocean Trust and Bonefish Grill.

Now, we need your help to complete our development so that we can open and contribute to our community. Please consider a sponsorship with naming recognition for the following items privately or through your company.

Past Events

Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month is a series on plants we carry and promote at the Native Plant Center. More summaries coming soon!

Life @ the Native Plant Center

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Monday-Friday: 10-6

Saturday: 10-2

Sunday: Closed

Native Plant Center

6809 Padre Blvd., P.O. Box 4000

South Padre Island, Texas 78597