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Join us for our Chrisgiving Eve Gala on November 29th!

The Jackalope’s Chrisgiving Ball

T’was weeks before Christmas, Thanksgiving had past,

No parties before us, we were lost and aghast,

That nothing was planned for Chrisgiving Eve.

How could we make our peeps believe?

How would we be merry, how could we cope,

Without hope of a glimpse of the elusive Jackalope?

Three witches gathered together one night,

With visions of a grand party inside their head,

To plan a new holiday before going to bed.

And Jen in her kerchief and Jess in her cap,

Teebs pulled them together for one more nightcap.  

With wine in her hand, Coors lite was about,

They pondered a celebration for all throughout,

The island, the valley they shouted, get out! 

They frittered and frattered and casted about, 

Ideas to bring folks to a holiday blow out.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

I sprang from the sofa to see what’s the matter.

Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. 

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, 

But a miniature sleigh full of ice cold Coors beer, 

And a lanky old driver with a neon lit scope, 

I knew in a moment t’was the elusive Jackalope.

A genderless creature of beauty and mystique.

We let out a cry, our night no longer so bleak.

Get on it, they shouted, come in for a drink.

The Jackalope joined us with a smile and a wink.

Let’s party it said. Let’s dance and be free.

Let’s celebrate native plants that we see.

And we need the support of those who live here.

So, bring them together to meet me this year. 

Late November is cool, the 29th yea I’m free.

I’ll appear in a tux or no clothes I don’t care.

We’ll give them our love, glug wine and cold beer.

With music from Jen more will appear.

Bring it on, festive foods will be all out.

Bonfire lit, and a labyrinth walkabout.

Sell tickets at the Plant Center sell them throughout,

At Jess’s Salon and Eventbrite! they shout.

Or visit our Facebook, get tickets there; 

Or our website it’s up, free and clear. 

Please RSVP, so we plan it just right,

With merriment for all throughout the night.

They raised their glasses with fulfillment and glee.

It’s a plan, it’s a party for all to see.

That’s all that it took on one fateful night.

When the Jackalope appeared in full sight.

To Jen and Jess, and Teeb’s delight!

Everyone needs to meet our new friend.

Come to Chrisgiving Eve or a donation do send.

Stop by, visit us or give us a call, 

You’re helping by joining the Plant Center

By joining our Chrisgiving Ball.

In return we give love, we give it to all.

Teebs 2018